brand identity.

Your brand is the face of your company. The most memorable aspect if your business is how it appears in other eyes. Balancing science with design to create a brand that builds your business is what we do.

website / app design.

Interacting with your website or app should make it easy for your customers to do business with you. We design to convert. No window shoppers here.

art direction.

To contrive is to create. Contrivex simply adds that x’ factor to this mix. Our company is responsible for the creative direction of dozens of successful brands. Let’s create yours next!


forward thinking clients.

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about us.

why contrivex?

There are people that talk and there are people that do. If you want something done, trust a team that simply executes. While we have a great time and smile just as much as we make our clients smile, you won’t find fluff here. No beer on tap or napping pods in our office. And you won’t see those unnecessary charges passed on to you.

From our office to our overall culture we get s*** done. 

We look forward to getting s*** done for you!



principal / strategy

Jason Keyz

Serial entrepreneur and strategic visionary, Jason founded Contrivex with the simple intent of providing clients with a single company approach for their digital marketing, web design and branding needs.

designer / project manager

Connie Ay

With a passion of design and a love for making people smile, Connie stays involved with your project from start to finish. When given a choice on music, her choice is everything… even a little it of country. 

Connie Dinh
content / research

James P

Tying things together and making sure no rock is left unturned is what James does best. With James on the job, every ‘i’ gets dotted, every “t” gets crossed and every cat gets treatz.